Owner's Rep

As the Owner's Representative we ensure that you are getting the best performance, quality, and pricing from your contractor and design consultants.  We review project budgets, schedules, and progress to ensure that your project is going smoothly, on budget, and according to your desires. 

The owner’s rep controls the design and development process, making sure that the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made.  We pull from our 20 years of experiences to solve problems and offer creative solutions.  As the owner’s rep we will control the overall coordination effort between the design and construction team members, ensuring that the most important topics receive the proper attention and resolution.  During the construction phase, the owner’s rep will spend significant time on the construction site, again recognizing and solving conflicts.  When complicated issues arise, the owner’s rep will explore all of the options, distill the information, and provide the owner with a concise set of options, clearly defined, along with a recommended course of action.  

You may be wondering why you should consider utilizing an Owner's Rep.  I have seen poor decisions made by owners simply because they did not fully or accurately understand the issues.  I have seen landscape architects influence interior design because of their strong personalities, and not because of their skills in the area.  I have seen qualified professionals retreat into doing only what they have to do, and not what they could do during the design process, fearing the potential fallout of future liability from their actions.  As an owner’s rep I am focused on fighting for you the owner, making sure that you,  the owner wins!


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